Long Run with the Strays

Yesterday I woke up ready to tackle my first double-digit run. The weather was cool. I had just watched Top Gun to pump me up. Things were looking good. I started off the first mile at a pretty good pace. As I was running down the road, I saw two animals on the side of […]

Fall Is (Almost) Here

First things first – I completely forgot to post this yesterday… How amazing was their game on Saturday night? Besides being the first game under the lights at the Big House – Michigan pulls out an unbelievable win in the last seconds! Go Blue! College football lets me know that fall is on its way. […]

Let’s Talk Music

Music. I grew up listening to music. I listened to everything from 70′s to gospel to rock & roll to pop. I sang with my mom and grandpa in church. I danced with my cousin’s basketball team on the way home from games. I played the flute in school. I’ve been to countless concerts. Music […]

9 is Divine

Labor Day weekend was full of personal records in my running journey! Saturday I got a new PR during the 5K race. By a whole minute. In the pouring rain. I’m pretty darn proud. Yesterday I got a PDR by running 9 miles. In cooler weather. With a pretty strong wind. I’m only 4.1 miles […]