Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 15, 2014

This week was a roller coaster. I dealt with the emotions of taking my first DNF, then did something my body hasn’t had in awhile – a LOT of rest! I know it is what my body needed, but unfortunately – this crud is hanging on. I must say that I am absolutely sick of blowing my nose!


Sunday, April 13 – 5 mile run (Gazelle Girl DNF)

Monday, April 14 – Rest

Tuesday, April 15 – Rest

Wednesday, April 16 – Rest

Thursday, April 17 – 3 mile run

Friday, April 18 – 30 minutes strength training & 3 mile walk

Saturday, April 19 – 6 mile run & 2 mile walk with the pups

I was able to get back on the road which made me VERY happy! I do have an upcoming race that I’m training for, so I’m excited to really get back to some speed work. The race also includes a few hills, which means it’s back to hill training as well. Bring it on!

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DNF Stages

The Stages of a DNF

I will admit it, a DNF (did not finish) has always been in the back of my mind during every race. Injury, illness, lack of training – there are many reasons behind them. I’ll admit, the thought of a DNF was a little scary. However, it also is a sort of “rite of passage” as […]

Gazelle Girl

2014 Gazelle Girl Half Marathon

This was the race I had been training for. I was excited to meet up with a bunch of great women from my town. I was anxious to chase after my goal. However, something happened on Wednesday that, unfortunately, changed everything. I woke up with an extremely sore throat. I figured it was allergies, so […]

Gazelle Girl

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 14, 2014

This week I was in the midst of taper as it was RACE WEEK! I cut back my mileage and strength training, and focused on getting my legs ready for the big race! Sunday, April 6 – 3 mile walk Monday, April 7 – 3 mile run Tuesday, April 8 – Rest Wednesday, April 9 […]

Goal Race Fears

My Goal Race Fears

When you share a goal with your friends, family and others – it can produce a lot of pressure. However, it can also produce an amazing support system! I am extremely thankful for everyone who has encouraged and supported me through my sub-2 half marathon training! There have been moments where it has been tough. […]

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