It’s Time to Make Some Changes

Three and a half years ago, I began to blog. I was in the midst of my Masters Degree in which we were encouraged to keep a blog. While I actually created a different one for one of my courses, I started this running blog to keep me accountable as I began my running journey.


During the past 3+ years, this little blog has given me quite a few amazing opportunities and experiences. I have created lifelong friendships. I have truly become a runner. I have been able to share my ups and downs. I have been able to travel, enjoying life along the way.

Yet, there is a harsh truth to blogging. A side that not many talk about.

Blogging isn’t easy. 

There are a lot of reasons as to why I have cut way back on my posts and presence on social media. Most of it is because the reality of what blogging has become isn’t what I want out of life. I don’t want my life to revolve around my blog. I am finding more and more that I want to focus my time and effort elsewhere, ultimately putting this blog on the back burner.

While blogging has allowed me to give a voice to my journey, specifically for running – there is so much more to my life. What you see on my blog and social media channels is just a snippet. When I began blogging, that was one thing I wanted to remain firm – that some aspects of my life would never be shared with the world wide web. My blog is just a very small portion of who I am, and if it went away – my life would continue on.

Perhaps that is why this decision was easy to make. (In fact, I have written a variation of this post at least a dozen times in the past year.) This blog takes time away from areas that are more important to me. Brent. My family. My friends. My career. Even a few of my passions and dreams.

Yes, I have worked hard on my blog. I have tried to create content that can be helpful to my fellow runners. I have shared my experiences, hoping they help others in similar situations. I have recapped the races I have run. I have shared my travels and life in Michigan.

Half Marathon Lessons

However, it has become quite clear that the time has come for me to step away from this blog. There has been a lot going on in my life lately, forcing me to prioritize. After some soul-searching, I’ve realized that this is an area of my life I am willing to let go for now. And quite honestly, it feels very relieving.

But don’t worry - I will not completely disappear! I have decided to keep my blog up and continue to recap my races for the time being, since those are not only fun to share, but also great to look back on. I will also be on Twitter and Instagram, sharing my running journey, travels and life in the midwest. And I will continue to write, primarily on the Magical Miles blog.

I am extremely thankful for those of you who have encouraged, read and followed my journey through Running Toward the Prize! It means more to me than you know, and your friendship is what keeps me putting one step in front of the other, chasing my dreams and goals. Please continue to stay in touch!