Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 29, 2014

I can’t believe it is almost August! Where has this summer gone? While I have been able to enjoy it, I still feel like I have so much more I want to do before the cool air reappears in Michigan!

I had to switch a few of my running days around due to my work schedule, so it will actually be 2 runs this week and 4 next. I am thankful that this training plan allows for such flexibility! My speed work went great again this week. I have been doing those runs on the treadmill, getting my legs used to the very fast pace.

Speed Work Treadmill

Sunday, July 20 – Rest

Monday, July 21 – 30 minutes spin bike & 30 minutes arm strength training

Tuesday, July 22 – 3.5 mile speed work (1/4 mile warm up + 6×800 m + 1/4 mile cool down)

Wednesday, July 23 – Rest

Thursday, July 24 – MH 60 Crush & Burn Complexes

Friday, July 25 – 8 mile run

Saturday, July 26 – 30 minutes strength training

I had to cut my long run a few miles short since I had to get it done before work, but it was a really great run. Ever since my DNF, I have been struggling with the mental and physical (needing to take too many walk breaks) aspects of my longer runs. This was the first run where I finally felt back in control. My legs were strong enough to not take any breaks (aside from 2 very quick water stops) and keep a decent pace. While the humidity was still high, I felt like I was actually getting back to my normal running self!


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