Final Dopey Challenge Thoughts

Dopey Challenge

Not once did I think I wouldn’t finish. Not once did I wonder how many miles were left. Not once did I feel like I needed to slow down. Not once did I think it wasn’t worth it. Not once did I regret it. It’s still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that […]

Dopey Challenge Thoughts – Here We Go!

Dopey Challenge

It’s hard to believe that just over 9 months ago I signed up for the Dopey Challenge. At that point, I had completed my first marathon just 3 months prior. I talked it over with Coach Brian and we determined that after a fall marathon and a lot of mileage, I would be ready to […]

Dopey Challenge Thoughts – 1 Week to Go

Walt Disney World

Just over one week until we are headed to Disney for the Dopey Challenge! Tapering I am in the midst of tapering and I must admit, I’m enjoying every minute of it! Usually I deal with taper craziness, however this time I am excited to slow down. Training for Dopey was no joke and my […]

Dopey Challenge Thoughts – 2 Weeks to Go


Only 15 days until we leave for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend festivities! Training This weekend I took on a mini Dopey Challenge, running 4 back-to-back days. The plan was 3-6-12-22. I’ll be honest, I was exhausted going into it. Whoever thought of putting the high mileage week in the midst of the holiday […]