Gluten Free Living

I grew up as a picky eater. My parents said I could live off of bread and water. If it smelled funny, I wouldn’t eat it. If it looked funny, I wouldn’t eat it. I was happy with the foods I did like. As I got older, I started to try more foods – but was still pretty picky.

One day – that all changed.

I started getting stomachaches quite frequently. Then I dropped a bunch of weight. My stomach hurt, I felt full, I didn’t want to eat. After going through the wringer on medical tests, it was determined that I had a lazy stomach and irritable bowel syndrome.

And suddenly my palate changed.

I loved vegetables. I loved fruits. I could still eat bread every day, but I expanded the foods I would try. I was eating foods I would have put my nose up to just a few years prior.

Then the stomachaches returned. I would have flare-ups of my irritable bowel syndrome. More medical tests and it was determined I needed to watch what I was eating more carefully.

And I decided to go gluten-free.

No, I’m not a celiac. But after a lot of research, I decided to check if I perhaps was intolerant. After two months, I found that my flare-ups were much less frequent. I felt better! Over 2 years later, I still am gluten free. (Note – going gluten free has not cured me of my digestive issues, but has allowed me to be more comfortable.)

Was it difficult? You bet. Not eating bread, cookies and cereal was not easy for this self-proclaimed carboholic. But if I felt better, it was worth it.

Now my journey of gluten free continues. I keep finding more great recipes to try. Local restaurants offer gluten free entrees and pizza. The grocery store is stocking more gluten free products.

And I have found how to train for half marathons without carboloading. How to strength train without eating gluten. Is it easy? No. But it’s doable.

So if you are looking for a go-to person on leading a healthy lifestyle while being gluten free – look no further! I’m happy to continue to share my journey – the ups and the downs – while helping others along the way!


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