Tips for Eating Gluten Free at Disney

Chocolate Wave

When I first switched to a gluten free lifestyle, I was honestly afraid of going to a restaurant. How would I know what was safe and what wasn’t? Through the years I have learned a lot and know the menus (especially at the restaurants in my home town) pretty well. But when you go on […]

Gluten Full Foods I Miss


Confession time – I was a self-proclaimed carboholic. I could eat bread all day long. In fact, my parents often said that they could feed me bread and water, and I would be fine. (I assure you, they fed me much more than that!) So when I went gluten free, I wondered how I was […]

Gluten Free Travel Tips


Eating gluten free and traveling don’t always go hand in hand. When I’m at home, I have our kitchen stocked with foods I know are okay for me to eat. I know our local restaurants and what questions to ask or what dishes to order. Yet when I go someplace new, it’s a whole new […]

Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas


I love breakfast. I truly think I could eat breakfast foods the rest of my life and be completely happy. Eggs, cereal, waffles, yogurt, fruit – bring them on! However, breakfast changed when I realized that gluten was causing issues. Suddenly, quite a few of my favorite breakfast foods were off limits. Uh oh. I […]