Getting Fitted for Running Shoes

When beginning your running journey, it is very important to get properly fitted for running shoes. Everyone has a different foot type, running gait, way they walk, etc. so it is essential that you get running shoes that help, and not hurt, your running style.

At the expo of my first 10K, I was fitted into Asics Nimbus shoes. They helped my IT band/hip issues and I could feel a major difference in my running! But when the model changed, I had to get re-fitted. (In fact, it is recommended that you get re-fitted once your mileage increases a lot from when you started. Your running style may actually change!) Brooks Ravennas and Pure Cadence became my new shoes – and my feet and legs could not be happier!


Now that Brent has agreed to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon with me in January, I knew he needed to be fitted for running shoes as well. After the Gazelle Girl Half, we went to the local running store, Gazelle Sports, to get him properly fitted.

Joel was our guide throughout the process and did a fantastic job of answering any questions we had and giving loads of information.


First, he began by asking Brent a few questions such as how long he’s been running, what shoes he currently wears, what he’s training for and foot/leg issues he has had in the past. Brent explained that he’s just beginning his running journey and has flat feet. Brent also told him he usually wears Asics because they offer a wider fit, but also has a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence that he likes to walk in.

Next, Joel told Brent to take off his shoes, roll his pant legs up and walk down the aisle while he watched his foot motion. It was determined that Brent has some flexibility in his feet, and that a guidance shoe would be best. Guidance shoes offer a post system on the medial (or inside) side of the shoe, which guides your foot in the correct running position. Joel then measured both feet for an accurate sizing.


Joel went into the land of shoes and came back with 4 options for Brent to try. The process was for Brent to try them all out, and determine which are definite no’s, then start to whiddle down the choices. He started with the Adidas, but felt his heel slipping.


Next were Mizunos, which he liked. Then he tried Nike, which were the only official wide width that they had, however they didn’t fit well.┬áLast he tried on Brooks, which he also liked.


Since he liked the Mizunos and Brooks, Joel recommended he put on one of each shoe and walk around some more. With a Mizuno on the right and Brooks on the left, Brent walked (and even jogged!) around the store. When it looked like Brent really couldn’t decide between the two, Joel asked which shoe felt like there wasn’t even a shoe on his foot. Brent determined it was the Mizunos – the bright yellow pair!


Joel encouraged Brent to try them out a few times at home, and if he felt they weren’t right (or were painful in any way), to bring them back and we could try another shoe. I love local running stores!

Being a Brooks lover, I’ll admit – I was a little bummed he chose the Mizunos. However, it only shows that everyone is different! Each runner’s foot, gait, running style and shoe preference is up to them.

So while I’m running happy, he’ll be having a brilliant run. Love it!


It is so important that you get properly fitted for shoes throughout your running journey – the beginning especially. Find your local running store and let them guide you!

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  1. getting fitted is SO important!

  2. Getting fitted really helped me in the beginning. Now I run in my Innov-8’s or my New Balance Minimus’s. I prefer shorter, faster distances, and light/minimal shoes work best. Considering some Brooks for my longer distances. :)

  3. I never thought I’d wear a neutral, zero(ish) drop shoe – but I really believe my Newton Gravity shoes are magical.

  4. I guess I need to go back for another fitting. I have been buying the exact same shoes for the past two years….I still love them, but maybe a new pair would make me faster! wink wink

  5. I happen to like his choice! :0) I love your comparison between happy/brilliant runs! Too funny!

  6. Totally agree! I also think it’s a good idea to reassess every so often to make sure you’re still in the right shoe. Awesome to see your husband liked the Mizunos…they’re my fave as well =)

  7. I just got fitted and purchased a new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 14 shoes. I only have about twenty miles on them but so far so good. I am still amazed at the difference a shoe makes once you get it fitted.

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