Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 28, 2014

Speed Work with Beau

What a week! This week left me exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. However, I was happy that the physical exhaustion was due to some great runs! I had a great speed work session on the treadmill, bringing back the mental aspect of running faster. It’s even better when Beau is there to snuggle with me […]

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 27, 2014

Walking Beau

My new training plan is in full swing! I will say that only running 3 times this week really allows me to open up my cross training options. It’s been fun to choose between the spin bike, strength training and workout DVDs. I even got to take Beau on a walk in the beautiful weather! […]

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 26, 2014


Is anyone else as sad as me the three-day weekend is coming to a close? It came at the absolutely perfect time and we have really enjoyed ourselves! As for workouts this week, I started to get myself back into training mode. Along with the longest run I have done since the River Bank Run, […]

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 25, 2014

New Workout Clothes

Summer weather definitely appeared this week! Here in Michigan, we dealt with rain and storms the beginning of the week, resulting in heavy humidity toward the end of the week.┬áHard to believe that just a couple months ago we were knee-deep in snow! While my running break is over, the weather kept me from getting […]