Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 15, 2014


This week was a roller coaster. I dealt with the emotions of taking my first DNF, then did something my body hasn’t had in awhile – a LOT of rest! I know it is what my body needed, but unfortunately – this crud is hanging on. I must say that I am absolutely sick of […]

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 14, 2014

Gazelle Girl

This week I was in the midst of taper as it was RACE WEEK! I cut back my mileage and strength training, and focused on getting my legs ready for the big race! Sunday, April 6 – 3 mile walk Monday, April 7 – 3 mile run Tuesday, April 8 – Rest Wednesday, April 9 […]

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 13, 2014


Guess who is officially in taper mode? That would be ME! I Run with It via Pinterest The good news is my legs are extremely excited and I have some great reading material to keep me occupied. Now I need to keep myself from checking the weather every 5 minutes. Sunday, March 30 – 12 […]

Weekly Workout Roundup – Week 12, 2014

Gazelle Girl

TWO WEEKS until Gazelle Girl! At this point, I am equally excited and anxious. Excited because I’ve put in the training. Anxious because of the weather and, well, there is always that little bit of doubt. I’ve really been working on the mental side because I know that could be my detriment on race day […]