Lessons from my Half Marathons

Half Marathon Lessons

It’s hard to believe that I’m gearing up for half marathon #12 this weekend! That’s right, the girl who hated running. Crazy! My friend Krissy wrote a post a few weeks ago that went over the highlights (and lowlights) of her previous marathons. I thought it was a neat idea and decided to do the […]

Encouraging your Runner During a Race

Encouraging your Runner

The spring racing season is almost upon us! For the next couple of months, runners will be going after their spring goals. Maybe it’s their first race of a specific distance. Maybe it’s a PR. Maybe it’s to pace someone else. No matter what, there is a lot of fun to be had! But what […]

Creating my Race Scrapbook

Race Scrapbook

I’m pretty sentimental. I like to hold on to items that have a special story behind them. I like to capture everything I can with a photo. I like to preserve every memory I can. So when I started running, I knew I wanted to commemorate each race I had completed. My medals are displayed […]

Self-Giving Gift Guide – Running Edition

Runner Gift Guide

The new year has begun and is (hopefully) off with a bang! We are working on our new goals. We are focusing on new tasks. And sometimes, we just want to pamper ourselves a little. If you are anything like me, that means retail therapy! Since becoming a runner, I often find myself on the […]