The Stages of a DNF

DNF Stages

I will admit it, a DNF (did not finish) has always been in the back of my mind during every race. Injury, illness, lack of training – there are many reasons behind them. I’ll admit, the thought of a DNF was a little scary. However, it also is a sort of “rite of passage” as […]

My Goal Race Fears

Goal Race Fears

When you share a goal with your friends, family and others – it can produce a lot of pressure. However, it can also produce an amazing support system! I am extremely thankful for everyone who has encouraged and supported me through my sub-2 half marathon training! There have been moments where it has been tough. […]

Lessons from my Half Marathons

Half Marathon Lessons

It’s hard to believe that I’m gearing up for half marathon #12 this weekend! That’s right, the girl who hated running. Crazy! My friend Krissy wrote a post a few weeks ago that went over the highlights (and lowlights) of her previous marathons. I thought it was a neat idea and decided to do the […]

Running in the Snow – Does it Help or Hurt?

Running in the Snow

It has been quite the winter in Michigan. We had been spoiled the past few years with mild winters, so this one was definitely a slap in the face. Basically four straight months of cold and snow, with no reprieve. That meant that I was training in the snow. I would rather be outside than […]