The Non-Princess Guide to runDisney Races

non-Princess runDisney Guide

I have a confession. Not once in my life, have I ever dreamed of being a Disney princess. Now, I realize many girls have. They love to dress up like the princesses. They love meeting the princesses in the parks. Good for them! Me? I would rather meet one of the Avengers or Han Solo. […]

Working Toward a Fall PR – A New Training Plan

Sub-2 Half Marathon Training

A goal is a funny thing.┬áIt can consume you. My goal of a sub-2 half marathon is one I am still chasing. After a great round of training, I didn’t get my chance to go after it. I decided to take a break from training. However, even during the break, I found myself consumed with […]

The Good and the Bad of Taking a Running Break

Running Break

After training for a marathon followed quickly by the Dopey Challenge, I decided to keep training for a spring PR. Unfortunately, it resulted in a nasty sinus infection followed by a stinky race – leaving me quite defeated. Even though my plan was to cut back on running for awhile, I made the ultimate choice […]

Brooks Ravennas vs. Brooks Pure Cadence Shoes

Brooks Ravenna and Brooks Pure Cadence

It’s no secret that I love my Brooks Running shoes! I have exclusively been using my Brooks Ravenna and Brooks Pure Cadence shoes for almost two years. They have gotten me through my first marathon, the Dopey Challenge, my 5K PR and all the training in between. Currently, I am using the Brooks Ravenna 4 […]