The Non-Princess Guide to runDisney Races

non-Princess runDisney Guide

I have a confession. Not once in my life, have I ever dreamed of being a Disney princess. Now, I realize many girls have. They love to dress up like the princesses. They love meeting the princesses in the parks. Good for them! Me? I would rather meet one of the Avengers or Han Solo. […]

The Many runDisney Race Themes

runDisney Race Themes

There is always magic when Disney is involved. Walk into any park and the themes tell an amazing story! Become a pirate in Adventureland. “Fly” into space in Tomorrowland. Visit various countries in World Showcase. Even go on an African safari. When it comes to runDisney races, the weekend also includes a theme! Interwoven throughout […]

What’s Wrong with runDisney: Why I’m Taking a Break

runDisney Break

It’s no secret that I am a fan of runDisney events. Walt Disney World is full of wonderful memories from my childhood, so when I began running – I looked toward running through the parks. Every runDisney race I have completed has been special in its own way, especially with the extra magic of characters […]

Final Dopey Challenge Thoughts

Dopey Challenge

Not once did I think I wouldn’t finish. Not once did I wonder how many miles were left. Not once did I feel like I needed to slow down. Not once did I think it wasn’t worth it. Not once did I regret it. It’s still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that […]